enSilo: Real-Time Data Protection

Roy Katmor, CEO, enSiloRoy Katmor, CEO
“While others are concerned about keeping threat actors out, we are focused on denying their end-game,” begins Roy Katmor, CEO of enSilo. The company was founded on the notion that cyberattacks cannot always be prevented and the focus should be on preventing data theft and tampering of critical information in the event of an attack. “enSilo blocks advanced attacks in real-time from communicating with outbound networks or modifying files,” adds Katmor. “We block threat actors in real-time, obstructing their intention of stealing or ransoming data.” enSilo has become the first real-time data protection platform to combine Endpoint Protection and Endpoint Detection and Response into one effective solution—where protection never goes ‘out of date.’

According to Katmor, banks and financial institutions are facing the growing menace of cyber threat, where not only payment data, but also intellectual property, customer private information, and mergers and acquisitions papers are being stolen. “The financial sector cannot afford downtime, transactional performance impact or mishap as the implications are severe,” he adds. Meanwhile, numerous fintech companies are also under contractual obligations to execute financial operations within tight timeframes. “Our approach focuses on preventing the consequences of a cyberattack, namely data theft and tampering. Adopting such an approach to cyber-security inherently allows users to continue working without any hindrance even when their devices are compromised,” explains Katmor.

One of enSilo’s financial services clients needed to maintain its operations also when facing a security compromise. With enSilo in place, the client was able to keep their sensitive data secure without any downtime, in spite of being under attack. enSilo is capable of defending users against advanced threats anywhere, anytime even during investigation and remediation of attacks, by blocking data-related malicious activity in real-time. “As opposed to other defenses against advanced attacks, enSilo does not require signatures, special configuration or even learning periods.

enSilo blocks advanced attacks in real-time from communicating with outbound networks or modifying files

We’re able to provide an effective and accurate real-time preventive solution from the second we’re deployed. How? We’re the only solution that resides on the operating system level so instead of looking at all applications, all threats or at the data, we’re able to hone into outbound communication and file modification requests. At the end of the day, these are the sole activities that may ultimately lead to data theft and tampering. And that’s what’s important for enterprises,” adds Katmor. This laser-focus look on operating system activities allows the business to function normally, while the threat is paralyzed and ultimately remediated.

Katmor credits enSilo’s success to the company’s extensive investment in R&D. Being at the forefront of technology and research allows enSilo’s platform to quickly grow to support new solutions and capabilities based not only on the evolving threats but also to market demands given their increasing customer base. “The clients in turn are very appreciative of the effort and knowledge that enSilo invests in its research of threats and the company’s quick adaptiveness to customer demands,” adds Katmor.

enSilo is also a proud contributor to the security research community. As part of their work, enSilo develops numerous internal tools and publishes them for the benefit of other researchers, security analysts, and professionals. Recently, the company developed a purely educational website, https://ransomwareprevention. com/ that helps facilitate boardroom discussions on ransomware. “We’re also working closely with managed security service providers to help clients that wouldn’t normally have access to top-level cybersecurity skills and know-how,” says Katmor. The CEO plans on building a strong foundation in the U.S., APAC, and EMEA through enSilo’s unique platform, educating financial organizations on the emerging threats and how enSilo can prevent corporate data theft and tampering.