Cyber Forza: Empowering Banks with Cybersecurity Intelligence

Dr Venkat Rayapati, Founder, Chairman & CEO, Cyber ForzaDr Venkat Rayapati, Founder, Chairman & CEO
One of the pressing challenges banks are confronted with today is the one they feel least prepared for: cybersecurity. While the year 2016 had been dubbed as the “year of the hack,” by some, the number of devastating cyberattacks has been increasing across all sectors. Nevertheless, the affected companies refrain from acknowledging any losses or improving their security measures due to the possible impact on their brand reputation. The financial losses are caused by the combined effects of human error and technology, with the former being a direct result of insufficient resources to enable round-the-clock cybersecurity monitoring and operations.

The need for a built-in adaptive and Cognitive AI solution led to the conceptualization of Cyber Forza. With its extensive awareness of the effect of data breaches on not only personal and financial data but also the confidentiality, authenticity, and integrity of banks, the company came up with cybersecurity solutions that lower operational expenses while protecting end-user data effectively.

The lack of advanced cybersecurity detection mechanisms like advanced malware and phishing is met with Cyber Forza’s multi-layer, multi-level security software that can mitigate advanced security problems in the enterprise segment. The integrated cyber-intelligent security product is intra-operable over the security infrastructure, allowing effective tracking of existing gaps and proving highly beneficial to banks that work on legacy systems.

“Our Cyber Intelligent Security Software (CISS) provides an umbrella-based protection with end-to-end coverage,” says Dr Venkat Rayapati, founder, chairman, and CEO of Cyber Forza. The company’s external threat protection product, CISS Defender, includes firewall, VPN, ransomware, advanced malware, and phishing protection, DDOS adaptation protection, and DNS, Captive Portal, high availability infrastructure protection. The solution monitors, reports and shapes traffic besides balancing loads to ensure high availability of the banking portal. Powered by Cognitive AI (10-IN-1) Cyber Security Product, CISS Defender provides multi-level multi stage security coverage address daily challenges posed by known and emerging threats.

An integrated solution of CISS Defender and data breach detection and Malware protection AI Engine called CISS Interceptor is used to provide internal threat protection to clients with its real-time monitoring, Threat Analytics, Vulnerability Assessment, Configuration Management, and Regulatory Compliance of enterprise systems and data. This product utilizes integrated Adaptive and Cognitive Artificial Intelligence along with threat analytics to generate reports of security audits and offers real-time notifications in case of any threat. Working on seven integrated and inter-operable modules, CISS Interceptor offers IAM, SSO, multi-factor authentication, and data loss protection.

In addition, it oversees the corporate security policy and assures regulatory compliance with PCI-DSS, HIPPA, FISMA, CIS, SOX, and CDI.

The end-point protection software, CISS Forza Client, rounds off the trio of products furnished by Cyber Forza. It protects desktops, laptops, servers, smartphones and other devices used by enterprise customers against ransomware, phishing threats, command control hack, and other cybersecurity threats and exploits. As the number of internal user attacks has surged, a simple, flexible and easily manageable Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution is offered to the remote branches of banks through Forza VPN Client. It monitors and protects devices, responds to malicious activities, and governs and restricts account access.

The technology advantage and state-of-the-art protection provided by Cyber Forza goes beyond the legacy approach of “identify and intercept” to predict, detect, and respond and prevent anticipated problems. In case that is not possible, the software attempts to isolate the problem while notifying the customer of the impending threat. Cyber Forza’s solutions are deployable across on-premise systems as well as public, private, and hybrid cloud environments. The SaaS model ensures full visibility on an hourly basis, setting it apart from other players in the market.

Having started with creating cybersecurity solutions for the defense sector, Cyber Forza currently focuses on healthcare, pharma, banking and finance, insurance, retail, education, IoT and transportation industries. “Besides the U.S market, Cyber Forza aim to expand globally to make our product available to a world wider market,” concludes Dr Rayapati.