Guardian Analytics: Real-time Fraud Prevention

Laurent Pacalin, President & CEO, Guardian AnalyticsLaurent Pacalin, President & CEO
It was July 2014, a cyber-attack against American bank JPMorgan Chase compromised the data associated with over 83 million accounts. Reported as one of the most serious intrusions and data breaches, this cyber attack impacted 76 million households and seven million small businesses. Taking a cue from this severe attack, many banks and financial institutions geared up to invest in the latest and appropriate contingency plans to safeguard their organizations. In addition, with the surge of online and mobile banking, security paranoia is afflicting these organizations more than ever. This is where Guardian Analytics steps in to offer foolproof security and protection against frauds in banking. “With the speed of fintech and the introduction of new banking products and services, financial institutions are faced with the complexities of trying to stay competitive, delight their customers and prevent fraud attacks,” begins Laurent Pacalin, President and CEO, Guardian Analytics. “With our solutions, institutions prevent financial crime across multiple interaction channels and payment types in real-time.”

Steering against the legacy and silo-ed approaches, Guardian Analytics offers innovative and advanced behavioral analytics platform to detect suspicious wire, ACH payments and illicit access to online and mobile portals in modern financial institutions. Termed Omni- Channel Fraud Prevention Platform, the firm’s fraud prevention solution leverages the power of advanced big data analytics to provide a 360-degree view of customer behavior by dissolving the operational silos. “The groundbreaking behavioral analytics platform leverages machine learning and uses innovative visualization techniques,” explains Pacalin.

Omni-Channel Fraud Prevention Platform comprises of visual analytics, omni-channel risk scoring, an integrated risk database, and an enterprise API for gaining deep insights into customer behavior and integrating intelligence data from disparate sources. This captured data provides real-time and precise risk scores from various customer interaction channels to fraud investigators.

With our solutions, institutions prevent financial crime across multiple interaction channels and payment types in real-time

Besides analyzing customer behavior, the firm’s fraud prevention solution not only mitigates fraud risks but also enhances customer engagement and experience. For credit unions and community banks, the company assists clients in fraud prevention and anomaly detection by leveraging turnkey integrations with industry leaders. The firm focuses on accounts and transactions bearing high risks to drives automatic intervention preventing loss and also eliminates manual reviews and unnecessary customer callbacks. The team at Guardian Analytics detects suspicious reconnaissance, account takeover, and fraud set-up activity and intervenes before any money transaction takes place without impacting the users’ process. These real-time intercepts are executed by utilizing the firm’s ACH-ODFI Real-time and ACH-RDFI Real-time designed to address same-day processing and meet faster payment requirements.

Guardian Analytics’ Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution discerns itself from the market competition by seamlessly integrating with a wide range of existing banking platforms. The company is meeting the next-generation requirements for fraud detection with threat-agnostic, omni-channel and behavioral analytics platform. The noticeable feature of the platform is the behavior-based anomaly detection that assists in actively studying both customer behavior and the methodologies of fraudsters to prevent financial crimes. “We are at the forefront of using advanced technology to not only protect consumers and businesses, but improve their banking experience and rebuild trust in banking,” extols Pacalin.

Since its outset in 2005 Guardian Analytics has been making a move forward with a vision to enhance information security. Hundreds of companies rely on Guardian Analytics for safeguarding millions of accounts and trillions of dollars. In days to come, the company looks forward to focus on fraud loss prevention by offering advanced protection and real-time control over fraud risk.